Monday, November 17, 2008

Effective Writing Secrets

Writing effectively, especially for the emerging web Market takes on a whole new meaning and writers need to prepare and plan accordingly.

Are you trying to impress an audience with your knowledge of the English Language?
Are you trying to market a product?
Are you trying to create copy for a Web site?
Are you joining the growing ranks of Bloggers?
Is your Blog a personal Journal or an attempt to communicate with your Business Market?
Are you just getting your feet wet with your first Web site?
Hey you may even be starting a foray into the world of Social Media.

Whatever your motivation or need is , you must start with a Plan, the bigger picture if you will!

Planning ain't much Fun! But there again neither is Failure!

You will all have heard of the Quotation:-

If you Fail to Plan...You are Planning to Fail!

Nice words certainly, but True!

It doesn't matter which writing arena you are planning on entering(there we go again)
you must first sit down, preferably with a beverage of your choice, and put a Plan together!This plan will be your very own 7 Secrets 2 Effective writing and will form the road map for all your future efforts.

The time spent at this critical stage of your project will reap many dividends and will, surprisingly, start a torrent of ideas that you will explore!

You've heard of the term Writer's Block haven't you? Well it's common enough but the effective writer rarely suffers from this affliction. Why ? Because he or she has set out a plan , a blue print if you will, that will actually grow with time and provide ample scope for plenty of keyboard pounding!

There are many secrets to effective writing but the first and foremost is to actually put pen to paper, to get started! In order to get started you need what? Yes you've guessed it A PLAN!

The Seven Secrets to Effective Writing can be unlocked as soon as you have made a Plan!

We'll continue this discussion in the next post but have got to go now...there's a Plan just waiting to be Born and writers block isn't part of it!


  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Very nice, Robin. I may finish this book yet.

  2. Of course you will Judi you just need the Seven Secrets to Effective writing and you will be well on the way!